20.5 Player profile: Mukahi Gakuto p. 22-23

Mukahi Gakuto
He’ll go higher than anyone! Higher!! The Mr. Acrobatic who will charm you with the aesthetics of flying

Mukahi is a kind of guy that cherishes the “now”. More than preparing himself for the future, he chooses to pour all his power in the present. About his jumping, his instantaneous behavior and passion symbolize Mukahi’s aesthetics.
(TL note: lit. “his single mental event behaviour” As in, whatever he does, he doesn’t think about it)

By wagering all his power on the present, his competitiveness is high. Naturally, he’s also prideful.

“Should I teach you how to go even higher?”
Hyoutei Gakuen: 3rd year
Birthdate: 12/09 (Virgo)
Height: 158 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Blood group: B
Dominant Hand: Left
Playstyle: Serve and Volley
Shoes: K.SWISS (Preventor 2000)
Racket: BRIDGESTONE (Wingbeam M45)
Special skill: Moon sault volley
Favorite food: Karage, Natto
Hobby: Bungee jumping, Collecting accessories with feathers
Family structure: Father, Mother, Older sister, Younger brother
Father’s job: (Family business): Electric goods seller (TL note: Electronics shop)
Best school subjects: Chemistry, English, PE
Favorite color: Red
Favorite type: A high-spirited girl


His hair is neatly and evenly cut, which shows his meticulous side. He hides his forehead because of his fear of strangers. Hiding his ears symbolizes hiding his passion.

Looking at Mukahi Gakuto’s hairstyle
Fundamentally, he’s a meticulous type. By keeping the passion inside, he can become friends “Even when he’s competing, friendship will sprout with opponents” or something like that, happens a lot. For the future, a job that makes the most use of his meticulousness, like an accountant, bank employee or editor are perfect.
As for love, a type that fits him is a girl that can draw him in with her vigor.
(TL note: yeah it looks like I had a stroke, but it’s: If he keeps his passion inside, he can even make friends with his biggest rivals, and that happens a lot)

Not doubting his victory at all, he provocates the opponent.

Looking at Mukahi Gakuto’s tennis style
His strange obsession with jumping combines his one track mind and riskiness.

Mukahi, who holds a lot of confidence in his jumping, has brought down a lot of opponents by using his light body as a weapon. However, by only focusing on that strength, it will become his Achilles heel. When his confidence in his jumps gets shaken, the likeliness of him winning follows a downward curve.

By sticking to acrobatics, the pace was disturbed too much, and an unexpected dangerous situation unfolds.

Looking at Mukahi Gakuto’s best subjects
We can’t judge him as “vague”, he’s a gambler by nature!!

Mukahi’s specialities, chemistry and English both have mutual distinctions. First, there’s a clear norm to answer the questions. Leaving it to the grader’s discretion, there are few components and the grade clearly reflects your abilities in person. Another thing is that they’re both practical subjects, and the results are visible, with which you can raise your grades.
He hates abstraction and only respects results that can be seen with the eye… Like that, the way he plays also appears in his best subjects.
(TL note: with which points can be caught = raise your grades)

Hyoutei’s tennis members comment on Mukahi Gakuto

From Akutagawa Jirou
Aah, his acrobatics are amazing C~ The way he gets points with that spinny volley is also super cool!!
(TL note: spinny volley = Moon sault, as in, the way he spins and then does a volley)

From Oshitari Yuushi
Occasionaly, I wish he would stop going wherever he wants. Oh well, that’s his favorite spot though.
(TL note: literally “a place he thought about just before”, as in, he doesn’t plan his outings)

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