20.5 Special talk corner Part. 2 p. 151-156

(This interview is anonymous, so if you want to know who’s who, scroll to the bottom, or have fun figuring it out for yourself first)

P. 151

Each team’s members will be honest (A social gathering)

Advice towards the captains and coaches!?

When the captains gathered and had a highly advanced (?) conversation, the club members also stretched their wings and held a meeting!?
Are they living things up with their “No way! Really!?” frank discussion!?

To protect their privacy, their voices were changed.

P. 152

A: Hm…/stretches!! Don’t you feel like you can be more open when the captain isn’t here?
B: Ah, don’t say things like that~ If he returns, I will tell on you!!
A: H-hey! Uh, please forgive me!!
B: Nyahaha! Just kidding!
C: Well, your captain does always have a very stern gaze. As long as he isn’t here, we can rest.
D: A sour faced captain…pff.
Oishi: Hey hey, isn’t everyone exaggerating a bit…
B: Huuh, Oishi! Why are you here?
Oishi: Huh!?
A: It seems like the captains gathered at XX today and are holding a meeting! Didn’t you have to attend, captain Oishi!
Oishi: Really!? This is a problem, I’m going over there right now.
(Oishi leaves the scene)
A: …heh, he looked hurried~ As expected, when Oishi-senpai is here, things are kinda strict as well.
E: Ugh, as usual, he’s so careless.
A: Hey…you of all people shouldn’t say that.
B: Oh well. Let’s get to the topic at hand!!
F: Hurry up. Really, I only came because someone said there would be an important discussion. After I filled in that questionnaire, I ignored all of this. I don’t want to do this, honestly.
B: That’s right! We collected the results from the questionnaire everyone had to do (Bottom of the page)!
G: I see, it seems we have gathered the opinions regarding the captains and coaches. This seems like very important data, nfu?

Rikkaidai vice captain: Sanada Genichirou

Rikkaidai vice captain: Sanada Genichirou
Even if he is the vice captain, he disciplines everyone.

Questionnaire total results

Q1: Honestly, do you think that sometimes you can’t keep up with your captain?
Yes: 2
Neutral: 3
No: 6

Yes: About that! Why do they have the nerve to say everything is my responsibility! Why do I have to take care of Akaya!

Q2: Honestly, did you ever want to hit your coach?
Yes: 3
Neutral: 4
No: 3

Yes: Let’s say you lost a match, regardless the circumstances. Even if it has nothing to do with it, he cannot help but drop you from the regulars.*

P. 153

H: Because our captain is in the hospital, our vice captain is acting like a substitute. That’s why I filled in the questionnaire as if he was our captain, is that okay?
A: It’s OK!
I: Hehe, I really liked it. It seems like the impressions of Yamabuki Chuu don’t look as bad as those of yours. Lucky!
H: Hey! Ours isn’t the worst!!
G: I don’t think anyone wants to go to an uncivilized school where they hit you instantly.
J: It seems hard to Gekokujou there.
E: By the way, there’s also this weird guy whose eyes turn red…

Hyoutei Gakuen’s captain: Atobe Keigo
He’s flashy and stands out

Fudoumine’s captain: Tachibana Kippei
The charisma who established the young club

A: That’s right. You were so traumatized that you fainted when you saw our red eyes! Hihi!!
E: ….What’s that supposed to mean (scared)!
C: By the way, it seems we are the second most popular…
J: That’s because of the captain and the coach. You can’t not help it. Oh well, because of that, it’s worthy to attempt gekokujou, I don’t hate it.
I: Fudoumine seems kinda popular as well, doesn’t it?
F: Some people wrote the kanji down wrong, they definitely did it on purpose. Ugh, why did they do that. They probably lost to us and wrote it as revenge. I don’t really care though.

Q3: If you ever could transfer, which school would you like to go to?
Fudoumine: 3
Yamabuki: 2
Rokkaku: 2
I’m okay where I am: 2
Seigaku: 2

Fudoumine: It seems easy to do Gekokujou there.
Fudoumine: I shall show them the power of scouting.
Yamabuki: Everyone seems really nice at Yamabuki, like I won’t get hit.
Seigaku: The girls at Seigaku look really cute! By the way, there’s also a girl’s tennis club.

Q4: On the other side, which school’s tennis club would you absolutely not want to join?
Rikkai: 5
Hyoutei: 1
St. Rudolph: 1
Rokkaku: 1
Yamabuki: 1
Seigaku: 1

Rikkai: I don’t want to get hit.
Rikkai: The design of the jersey is old fashioned and ugly.**
Hyoutei: I don’t want to do that lame Hyoutei call, I’m bad with narcissistic people.
Rokkaku: I’ll get a weird nickname. Besides, everyone seems to have fun, how gross is that…

P. 154

Seishun Gakuen’s captain: Tezuka Kunimitsu
Making the club member run is his hobby!?

G: I see, it seems that you guys are currently dissastisfied with your school. If you’d like, won’t you come to our school?
B: He’s starting that again..
G: If you come to our school, you will be able to demonstrate more power than everyone else. There won’t only be court covering, skill and body training, but you won’t be partnered with aggressive, selfish players. If it’s me, I can raise you to your full potential…
H: W-what? This is a bit sudden!?
E: You can just ignore him. He seems a bit sick, that guy?
G: Wh!? What are you saying! …Good grief, you weren’t taught anything at all.
A: By the way, can it be that you circled yes on the question “Do you think you are stronger than the captain?”
E: Ah…I forgot. (grins)
B: I didn’t. As expected I didn’t win against our captain.
C: I also didn’t. Our captain is very much the straight man in nature, but I recognize his strength.
D: I circled yes.
I: W-what an upright man!?
D: I circled it twice…on my bicircle…pf…
A: C-can it be you only circled it because you wanted to say that!?
B: If that’s the case, what do the people who circled yes on “Sometimes I think I can’t keep up with the captain?” think!

St. Rudolph Gakuin’s captain: Akazawa Yoshirou
His true strength is national level. He can yell well?

Q5: Honestly, do you think you are stronger than the captain?
Yes: 3
Neutral: 3
No: 4

Yes: I will win and establish Gekokujou.
Yes: There’s no error, it will be my win, nfu.
No: It’s regrettable, but as of how it is now, I won’t be able to win from that person, no way I will…

Q6: Honestly, do you think you are a device to be used by your captain?
Yes: 2
Neutral: 4
No: 4

Yes: I am suited to do this, and I’m pleased with the current status.**
No: Actually, the Jimi’s never do their share of the work, but honestly I don’t do them either~

P. 155

E: Somehow I can easily predict who those 3 are…
H: W-why is everyone looking at me!! You’re wrong! It’s not me.
A: Nope, you shouldn’t hide it. Our captain is also someone who rules with an iron fist, just because I skipped activities for a while, he had me run 100 laps around the field. I almost couldn’t hold out.
B: (whispering) Ah, as expected. He managed to get everyone shaking.
E: (whispering) As expected of the ruffian.
H: What kind of activities did you skip that you only got 100 laps!?
A: Huh!?
H: Isn’t that super nice!! Just a while ago, I was 10 minutes late for club assembly, I had to do 5 hours of running and 3000 swing sets, and was on cleaning duty for three months!!
E: ….Yeah he definitely circled yes.
C: But I didn’t. There are more intense personalities than our captain…
I: Ha…hahaha. I didn’t either, I’m lucky.
F: Heh, everyone has it so good. Saying this and that, everyone seems to have fun following their captain. I don’t hate our captain in particular, but sometimes I can’t keep up with his happy facade and energetic way of doing things.
ABCDE (Inside): Can the other one be that guy!?
H: By the way, I just want to confirm this now, but were you guys talking about Oishi in this questionnaire?
B: No, no!

Yamabuki’s captain: Minami Kentarou
While he’s strong, he’s also jimi.

Q7: How would you describe your coach in one word?
Old ladyx2
I don’t know
There is none

I don’t know: I don’t know~ That’s to say, we still trust them deeply.
Sadist?: They make us attack an already fleeing enemy, they’re a real sadist, that one?

Q8: How would you describe your captain in one word?
Narcissist x2
I think he’s a great person though…
A funny person
Iron faced

Narcissist: There’s nothing but that. He’s like the very definition of a narcissist.*
Loud: He’s loud, and lacking elegance is his weak point, nfu.

P. 156

Rokkaku’s captain: Aoi Kentarou
As a first year, he is already a captain!

A: We were talking about the original captain.
E: Right, couldn’t you see that from the “Megane”.
A: Did you answer that.
E: Ah…
B: If we were talking about Oishi, we would have answered something like “Bowling maniac” or “Key person”.
A: Or things like “Swimming cap”!
B: Pfff…Ahahaha! That’s terrible!!
A: Huh, aren’t we being nice about senpai!!
I: We would have called him “Moonhead”.
D: When Oishi comes back, he will be “Oh shit”…
Oishi: Hey everyone, everyone seems excited.
A: !!!?…ah, huh!!
B: Oishi!? Why are you here!?
E: Didn’t you go to the captain meeting?
Oishi: Nope, it seems Tezuka was there already. He said he would be fine, so I came back. So what were you guys talking about? Let me join…
A: N-no, I was just saying we should start it now!
I: That’s right! That said, later guys! Moon…wait no Oishi-kun!
C: ….Bye.
J: Next year, I will win, chibisuke.
G: Then I will excuse myself as well. Please tell Fuji-kun I said hello, nfu.
H: Please keep everything that was said today a secret from our vicecaptain.
F: What’s this, everyone’s just saying what they want and leaving when they want, what’s up with this mood. Well, it seems like no one really cares about what I do anyway.
D: Shinji should lift his chin, gee….pf!
Oishi: Huh, is everyone leaving already? Well then, everyone, let’s meet at the nationals!!

Everyone, do you know who was who…
Let me reveal the names at once. These should be everyone’s names, more or less!

Momoshiro Takeshi
Kikumaru Eiji
Oshitari Yuushi
Amane Hikaru
Echizen Ryoma
Ibu Shinji
Mizuki Hajime
Jackal Kuwahara
Sengoku Kiyosumi
Hiyoshi Wakashi

*= these were all said with an Osakan accent, if you were wondering. 
**=these all used verbose styles (Mizuki)
Names are ordered in alphabetical order of the letter they represent (source: My educated guess)
I’m sorry for Davide’s puns.

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