20.5 Player profile: Hiyoshi Wakashi/Taki Haginosuke p. 32-33

P. 32

Hiyoshi Wakashi
Watching the regular spot vigilantly, the cruel lion cub!!

He is a guy that has a very strong ambition to rise in the world. Because Hyoutei is a group of strong people, his tendency to rise is much stronger. He doesn’t aim to be on top. To throw someone down, rise in the world,…that kind of course is what he wants to take.

Without caring what others think of him, he mumbles the words “Gekokujou”, which represent his absolute confidence in being able to do it.

“You won’t be able to do Gekokujou here”
Hyoutei Gakuen Chuu: 2nd year
Birthdate: 5/12 (Sagittarius)
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Blood group: AB
Dominant Hand: Right
Playstyle: Aggressive baseliner
Shoes: Prince Triple Threat Linear AC (DPS-211) Black
Special skill: Enbu stroke
Favorite food: Nure senbei (Moist rice crackers)
Hobby: Reading (Gakuen Nanafushigi)
Family structure: Grandfather, Grandmother, Father, Mother, Older brother
Father’s job: Enbu master
Best school subjects: Math, History
Favorite color: Nothing in particular
Favorite type: A neat and clean girl


Looking at Hiyoshi Wakashi’s birthflower
Birthflower: Cattleya

He is bad at reading the mood and destroys the atmosphere. That is the significance of the Cattleya. He is kind of like that, but he is good at controlling the environment. With his good tactics and strategy, he’s fit to be a staff officer.

Looking at Hiyoshi Wakashi’s hobby
The sight of people shuddering with fear gives Hiyoshi the pleasure of Gekokujou…!?

When he reads his favorite serialization “The seven school mysteries”, he imagines the frightened faces of the people who are confronted with unforeseen incidents in their daily lives. If we assume Hiyoshi likes Gekokujou because “He can see the frightened faces of those who are defeated”, then it could explain why he likes the above-mentioned novel.

Hiyoshi can absolutely corner the opponent with his cool and collected play, does he also get this feeling during reading?

Looking at Hiyoshi Wakashi’s tennis style
He makes the best use of his “unpredictable movement”, a special skill from Enbu tennis!!

One of the deepest level of Enbu is being able to move every single muscle quickly. Hiyoshi, who can move like that, established his original tennis.

Where the shots fired from his irregular and smooth movement will bound, is unpredictable!!

Hiyoshi can use the Enbu style defense “Tinbe”!?
When Hiyoshi takes on his posture, he draws his right hand back, it resembles him attacking with an Enbu weapon, the Tinbe (A small chinese spear to deal with someone).
(TL note: It refers to a Tinbe-Rochin, a sword/shield weapon)

Hyoutei’s tennis club members comment on Hiyoshi Wakashi

From Atobe Keigo
Gekokujou? What are you saying ahn? Oh well, do your best to aim for S1 next year.

Taki Haginosuke
Covered in a mysterious veil, he’s Hyoutei’s 9th member

He has beautifully and evenly cut hair, and an alluring smile. He takes on a mysterious form, and there’s no information on his tennis.

“Not bad”
Hyoutei Gakuen Chuu: 3rd year
Birthdate: 29/10 (Scorpio)
Height: 167 cm
Blood group: A
Dominant Hand: Right

He is definitely a strong person, but he had to surrender his spot to Shishido.

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