20.5 Player profile: Kabaji Munehiro p. 28-29

P. 28

Kabaji Munehiro
With the innocent heart of a child, a universal player that combines both power and technique!!

His face resembling that of a noh mask, he’s a silent person… You can’t tell what he’s thinking by his appearance. However, during his match against Seigaku, absorbing all kinds of techniques because of his natural purity, he showed his prodigous talent! Kabaji Munehiro… He’s a profound man.

He absolutely obeys Atobe’s commands. Such obedience is the foundation of his strength.

“The winner will be Hyoutei…”
Hyoutei Gakuen Chuu: 2nd year
Birthdate: 03/01 (Capricorn)
Height: 190 cm
Weight: 85 kg
Blood group: O
Dominant Hand: Right
Playstyle: None (it changes according to the match)
Shoes: HEAD C.Tech 1000
Racket: VölKL QUANTAM. 10 TOUR
Special skill: Copy
Favorite food: Pizza, Gyudon
Hobby: Constructing bottle ships
Family structure: Grandmother, Father, Mother, Younger sister
Father’s job: Government employee
Best school subjects: Art, Home economics, Physics
Favorite color: The three primary colors of light
Favorite type: Nothing particular


Looking at Kabaji Munehiro’s previous life
Previous life: The youngest child of a noble family

In his previous life, he was born as the youngest child from a poor noble family from the extremities of Scandinavia. It seems he went through a lot of hardships for the sake of living with them. This surfaces in his current life. He’s very persistent and vital, and hates to lose, but on the outside he’s prone to worrying. He obeys the seniors and the coach, but in fact he strongly wishes for freedom. He’s also very prideful, so he might not be satisfied with his social position forever. Because of his previous life, he has a very high IQ, and thus will probably succeed in the future with a profession like lawyer or doctor.

Looking at Kabaji Munehiro’s hobby
He isn’t a guy that only uses power! Does he temper his skillfullness and mindfullness with impossible bottle puzzles!?

To construct a bottleship, one has to use pincets to assemble a maquette inside a bottle, an operation that requires frightening amounts of patience. No matter the circumstances, you must have the emotional force keep your presence of mind, otherwise this hobby won’t help with anything…

He only lifted one eyebrow at Taka-san’s outburst.

Looking at Kabaji Munehiro’s tennis style
He can master a skill simply by looking!! His pureness is what supports that talent!!

Kabaji has no needless pride. Because of his free way of thinking, he doesn’t get bothered by fixed ideas. That’s why he can learn his opponent’s skills by watching, so he can perform them himself. Of course, you can’t forget that the reason he can learn those moves is because of his immense physical ability.

Not only his strength, but also his dexterity, jumping power and body balance are excellent! Therefore he can master any kind of skill.
Does he also have excellent hearing in addition to his physical abilities? He definitely sensed the sound of Atobe’s finger snap!!

Hyoutei’s tennis club members comment on Kabaji Munehiro

From Akutagawa Jirou
Hm…? Ah, Kabaji? Thanks for always waking me…ZZZZZZ.

From Atobe Keigo
That guy’s skills really surprised me. Keep using that power for ore-sama’s sake, Kabaji.

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