20.5 Questions for Hyoutei p. 51

P. 51
Questions for the Hyotei members

Hyotei Hyotei Hyotei Hyotei Hyotei Hyotei Hyotei Hyotei Hyotei Hyotei Talk

As expected, there were many questions for Hyotei! Between those we gathered and chose the especially unique ones!

Q1: Who is Hyotei’s vice captain?
(Okayama, Jump-san and many others)

Sakaki: There is none.
What is necessary for our school is someone worthy of reigning at the top. There’s no value to a title like No. 2.

Q2: Choutarou-kun’s favorite food is Shishamo (Genuine), but what does that “Genuine” mean?
(Tottori, Mishima Eriko-san and many others)

Ootori: Domestic Shishamo
If you buy them at a usual shop, it’s actually Capelin, a russian fish. It’s nothing like the real Shishamo.

Q3: How much does Jirou-kun sleep on average?
(Gunma, Tozaki Ayumi-san and many others)

Jirou: I can’t tell you though…
I go to sleep at around 10 pm and wake up at around 7 am, then I take a siesta that takes 30 minutes, I also sleep during class, and….Z…Z….

Q4: What is the significance of the pendant that Ootori-kun always wears?
(Kanagawa, Yamanami-san and many others)

Ootori: It’s a protection charm. 
There’s no deep meaning to it, but somehow I can calm down if I wear this. I’m not particularly Christian.

He definitely wears it during a match. When he yells “Ikyuunyuukon” it’s alike to a prayer.

Q5: What is the prescription for Oshitari’s glasses?
(Fukushima, Chiaki-san and many others)

Oshitari: There is none.
It’s like that. Fashionable glasses just look good. My eyesight? It’s not bad at all.

Q6: If Hyotei has 200 members, do they all fit in the club room?
(Ishikawa, Shibasaki Midori-san and many others)

Atobe: The club room for the regulars is different!
There’s no reason for everyone to have the same club room. Where do the other guys change their clothes? Ore-sama doesn’t know that.

Q7: If Kabaji can remember a skill just by seeing it, can he also do Mukahi’s moonsault?
(Tokyo, Naako-san)

Atobe: I don’t think he can?
If you reason it, there’s no way he can, and I think he can’t do genuine skills either. Mimicking ore-sama? Don’t do such things!!

Will the day come that we can see Kabaji dancing with a gorgeous figure like this?

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