20.5: Player profile Atobe Keigo p. 18-19

Atobe Keigo
The noble emperor who leads 200 men with his absolute power and charisma!!

How many people do you think exist on earth that can grab the hearts of 200 men? Atobe is such a rare specimen. He has skills that everyone acknowledges, and with his natural nobility, especially he is worthy of the task.

200 members observe his every action. Atobe always meets the club’s expectations.

“That’s why I too will unleash my greatest skills, one ball at a time.”
Hyoutei Gakuen: 3rd year
Birthdate: 04/10 (Libra)
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Blood group: A
Dominant Hand: Right
Playstyle: All rounder
Shoes: HEAD C, Tech 1000 OM
Special skill: Rondo towards destruction, Insight
Favorite food: Roast beef, Yorskshire pudding (There’s a kanji behind pudding I can’t make out)
Hobby: Flyfishing, Reading
Family structure: Grandfather, Grandmother, Father, Mother
Father’s job: Company executive (Brokerage)
Best school subjects: All subjects (Especially german and greek)
Favorite color: Gold, Black
Favorite type: A determined person

Looking at Atobe Keigo’s looks
No matter what he does, he follows through because of his strong determination, and in both good and bad ways, emits has a strong aura. In romantic relationships, he’s the “Follow me” type, although his arrogance may turn people away… His compatibility is good with a carefree and spontaneous person.

You can see his human nature by the line of his eyebrows.

Looking at Atobe Keigo’s hobby
He loves refined languages. A natural emperor!!

German and greek have a long history and you can say they’re refined languages. Greek, especially the two major poems of Homer, proved to be an immeasurable contribution to the litarature. You can say that Atobe likes these languages because of his high class preferences.

At the lottery, Atobe held up his lot high. Just by his behaviour, you can feel the elegance.

Looking at Atobe Keigo’s tennis
He has the peerless strength to oppress others!! This is supported by his insight!!

Atobe can achieve a complete victory during a match by always taking the initiative. What makes this possible is his insight, which is seeing through an opponents physical and mental state. He controls by completely seeing through the opponent… That is Atobe Keigo’s aesthetic.

When he pushes his senses to the limit, he can see the smallest movement of a fibre of the enemy’s muscles.
With his insight, he sees trough the opponents weak points and mental state. You need refined skills for it!!
When Atobe puts his face behind his left hand, the opponent’s loss has already been set in stone.

Hyoutei’s tennis club members comment on Atobe Keigo

From Hiyoshi Wakashi
I don’t hate the captain’s meritocracy. That’s why I wonder if I can grab his spot through skills.

From Shishido Ryou
As a member of the Hyoutei tennis club, he’s my captain…that’s all. I’m not interested in his personal matters.

From Oshitari Yuushi
Honestly, I don’t understand anything about what Atobe is thinking. Oh well, as long as he’s winning matches, there’s no big deal about it.

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