20.5 Player profile: Oshitari Yuushi p. 20-21

Oshitari Yuushi
A ruffian? Or maybe a genius? The poker face who speaks kansaiben and doesn’t show his true intentions.

“He’s Hyoutei’s genius”, is what Atobe says. But others have also called him a ruffian. But as for Oshitari himself, he has shown no interest in his assessment. He has a piercing strength that doesn’t get tempted by his environment.

As his partner Mukahi points out, it’s rare that he gets serious during a match.

“You think you’re funny huh.”
Hyoutei Gakuen: 3rd year
Birthdate: 15/10 (Libra)
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Blood group: A
Dominant Hand: Right
Playstyle: All rounder
Shoes: MIZUNO Wave Gist
Racket: BRIDGESTONE Wingbeam S65
Special skill: Drop shot, Higuma otoshi
Favorite food: Kasujiru, Soused mackerel
Hobby: Watching movies (Romance)
Family structure: Father, Mother, Older sister
Father’s job: Doctor (University hospital)
Best school subjects: Mathematics, Science, Technology
Favorite color: Greenish brown
Favorite type: A girl with beautiful legs


Fortune telling by Oshitari Yuushi’s first name
He’s a very popular type that gets along with everybody. On the other side of being a kind hearted person that is easily moved to tears, he also completely avoids those who have wronged him once. He’s unexpectedly ambitious, and instead of working hard or taking measures, he chases hostile enemies persistently to achieve his goal.

He thinks about his friends, and is popular because of his strong drive.

Looking at Oshitari Yuushi’s favorite food
Oshitari loves seasonal food. Before the opportunity slips away, you can see his stubborn and Kansai-like nature!!
Sagoshi is the fry of a mackerel. It’s almost never seen out of season, and Kizushi, as it’s called in Kanto, is difficult to obtain. When he stays in Tokyo, he sticks to Kansai specialities, and you can see a face you don’t usually see of him.

While he doesn’t show much passion, he is the person most attached to victory.

Looking at Oshitari Yuushi’s tennis
He returns shots with outstanding timing, which is proof of him being able to read the opponent!!
Oshitari doesn’t lay his feelings bare during a match, but because he understands tennis deeply, he can fully grasp the flow of the match. He hides a fierce image, and awaits his chance to bare his fangs.

He can get the full picture of the match, and can show the true value of every important point! That is Oshitari’s tennis.
Oshitari’s speciality is returning shots that the opponents would dislike the most at that moment of the match, like lobs and drops! That outstanding insight is a direct result of his natural sensitivity.

Hyoutei’s tennis club members comment on Oshitari Yuushi

From Atobe Keigo
Well, he’s a genius. But if you always have a poor endgame, you can’t stand at the top.

From Mukahi Gakuto
I’m relying on you Yuushi. Ah, but he still hasn’t given something in return for the juice money !!

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