20.5 Player profile: Shishido Ryou p. 22-23


Shishido Ryou
By using his frustration as a springboard, he made a great leap!! The persistent guy who opened up a path with hard work!!

“The loser will be sacrificed” is Hyoutei’s law, yet Shishido who was utterly defeated was allowed to return as he was an exceptional regular. Through consistent hard work, he managed to surpass his limits and through his desire to improve onseself, he was bestowed a new power.

His insatiable ambition is also caused by the incredibly talented people around him.

“You guys are super lame”
Hyoutei Gakuen: 3rd year
Birthdate: 29/09 (Libra)
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Blood group: B
Dominant Hand: Right
Playstyle: Counter puncher
Shoes: YONEX Power cushion 199(SHT-199)
Racket: YONEX SRQ Titan 800 Pro
Special skill: Super high speed rising counter
Favorite food: Cheese sandwich, Mint gum
Hobby: Billiard
Family structure: Grandmother, Father, Mother, Older brother, Dog
Father’s job: Teacher (Elementary school)
Best school subjects: Geography, History
Favorite color: Red, Purple
Favorite type: A cheeky boyish girl


Looking at Shishido Ryou’s habit
Balancing the racket on his finger
He’s a show off and bluffs in front of others. He gets easily bewildered, but once he calms down, he changes and becomes more precise and cool. He won’t get rich, but during inopportune situations, the needed money may appear, so he won’t live in great poverty.

He behaves like this to calm himself during tense situations.

Looking at Shishido Ryou’s best subject
Daily exercises and imagination are important for this subject, those are his best points!!
For subjects like geography and history, you need to remember things like names with simple repetitive exercises, but also the event it’s related to. With his diligence and objective point of view, it’s only natural that he’s proficient in them.

If he understands it he can do it… that passion is also useful for studying!!

Looking at Shishido Ryou’s tennis
The fact that he can relatively see himself with an objective opinion is his biggest weapon.

Shishido started noticing that he had no big physical advantage, when he analyzed his matches. But he actually posseses a great skill. That is the skill of confronting himself objectively, detaching himself from the outer world. Furthermore, the spirit to persist in his hard work. Shishido calls others frequently “super lame”. But what he means with lame, is not their outward appearance. There’s nothing he loathes more than those who neglect hard work and make excuses.

In order to build a new move, no matter how much skill or hard work he needed ,he calmly tried and analyzed, the result of which is the rising counter.
The courage to face his own weak points, is the root of Shishido’s power!

Hyoutei’s tennis club members comment on Shishido Ryou

From Atobe Keigo
We don’t need losers who look like scrubs. But that guy is different. That’s why I supported him.

From Ootori Choutarou
When I saw the blood welling up during our special training, I knew I would never respect someone as much as Shishido-san.

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