20.5 Player profile: Akutagawa Jirou p. 26-27


Akutagawa Jirou
When he meets a strong opponent, he immediately awakes from his sleepiness! He sincerly enjoys tennis and is a magician at the net!!

He loves sleeping, and when he’s awake, he looks as if he’s in a dream. However, when he thinks things are fun, his sleepy genius awakens! The moments he remembers are fun are the times when he played against strong players.

He yawns with his eyes half closed. This is Jirou’s default setting.

“That was so awesome did you guys see that”
Hyoutei Gakuen: 3rd year
Birthdate: 05/05 (Taurus)
Height: 160 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Blood group: AB
Dominant Hand: Right
Playstyle: Serve and Volley
Shoes: WILSON SURGE DST 02 Mid S1234W
Special skill: Magic Volley
Favorite food: Lamb, Mousse pocky
Hobby: Manga (Miscellaneous), Sleeping
Family structure: Father, Mother, Older brother, Younger sister
Father’s job: Self employed (Dry cleaner)
Best school subjects: Technology, PE
Favorite color: Orange
Favorite type: A bright and fun girl


Looking at Akutagawa Jirou’s spirit guardian
Spirit guardian: Wind sylph
He’s usually quiet and obedient. His image may be seen as sloth-like, but at times his behavior can be nimble. He won’t lose himself no matter the situation, and is the type to show his strength during the hardest of trials, and is cut out for a job as an adventurer or explorer. However, when he’s under a lot of stress, he tends to suck in people in his surroundings like a raging storm. He’s romantically compatible with an energetic, but good person, although, from when he was young, it seems he was good at making his surrounding laugh, so he’s also compatible with people who are disliked or moody.

Looking at Akutagawa Jirou’s favorite food
There’s a surprising relationship between sheep and sleep!?
Even though Jirou sleeps for long periods, he doesn’t have to worry about the accompanying edema or physical weariness! The secret of that is in his favorite food, mutton. Mutton has carnitine, which is essential to fat burning, and contains a lot of nutrients, and this component is much more effective during sleep.

The synergy between sleep and food makes him always healthy!!

Looking at Akutagawa Jirou’s tennis
No matter what balls he faces, in tennis he shows his “Fun spirit”!!

There are no doubts in Jirou’s tennis. He returns everything with his speciality serve and volley, no matter the opponent. They’re games that are all done without reading or tactics. Who cares where the ball came from, can I return it? In the instant he’s on the offensive, he has fun with the thrill.

He quickly moves to the net and lies excitedly in wait for the oncoming shot!!
If his opponent is strong, Jirou is happy. It has nothing to do with arrogance or honor, it’s all just pure curiousity for what’s about to come.
When he plays a strong opponent during a match, he completely changes from his bored expression. He tackles the match with a wide smile on his face.

Hyoutei’s tennis club members comment on Akutagawa Jirou

From Ootori Choutarou
When I see Jirou-san having so much fun with tennis, I become even happier.

From Hiyoshi Wakashi
His volleys are genius-like, but he’s also whimiscal. That does trip some people up.

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