20.5 Player profile: Ootori Choutarou p. 30-31


Ootori Choutarou
The big server who wishes for his team’s victory and complete domination with one ball!!

His ultra high speed serve netted him a regular spot. But he doesn’t hit the serve for himself, but for his doubles partner and for the team. He puts his soul in the ball for the sake of bringing Hyoutei closer to victory.

His goodwill can be seen in him helping Shishido become a regular again as his practice partner.

Hyoutei Gakuen: 2nd year
Birthdate: 14/02 (Aquarius)
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 72 kg
Blood group: O
Dominant Hand: Right
Playstyle: Serve and Volley
Special skill: Scud serve
Favorite food: Beef casserole, Shishame (The genuine thing)
Hobby: Piano, Violin
Family structure: Grandmother, Father, Mother, Older sister, Cat
Father’s job: Lawyer
Best school subjects: Art, Music
Favorite color: Off white
Favorite type: A girl that is not unfaithful


Looking at Ootori Choutarou’s birth stone
On the surface, he’s calm and refreshing, which makes people, especialle elderly, have a tendency to like him. But in reality, he’s actually not good with overly-familiar senpai types, and keeps them at arms length. When it comes to romantic love, his ideals and values are high, so he won’t really fall in love by himself. On the other side, he’s weak to a sudden attack, so he might go out with someone he doesn’t love… He has a lot of friends, but takes care to have his own space, so he can be curiously cold at times.

Looking at Ootori Choutarou’s favorite food
The good Choutarou likes shishamo, which has a folklore of helping people
God descended down upon the needy and gave them food by blowing life force into the leaves of a willow, changing them into shishamo… that’s the legend about shishamo. Without any exaggeration, that the good Ootori likes this fish is not a coincidence.

Ootori doesn’t mind giving up his spot for those who work harder than him. Might that benevolence be given because of shishamo!

Looking at Ootori Choutarou’s tennis
Seeing his opponent get discouraged by his scud serve is a daily thing!!
Ootori’s serve isn’t only an easy way to get points, but it also shakes the opponents’ mental state. He knows about the effect and when he drives the serve into the opponents’ openings, his true nature as a risk-taker can be seen.

With a speed of 200 km/h, normal people can’t even touch it!
He has considerable pride and confidence in the speed of his serve.
Ootori’s serve brings momentum to the team! When he decides it with an ace, he strikes a gutsy pose, and envoys a strong desire to win.

Hyoutei’s tennis club members comment on Ootori Choutarou

From Mukahi Gakuto
He’s very tall, so I always get the feeling I’m being looked down upon. That doesn’t feel very good.

From Shishido Ryou
Sorry for having you stick through my practice. This time, I’ll pay you back…

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